Company history and development

Firmengeschichte und Entwicklung

Firmengeschichte und Entwicklung

2000 – 2004

  • Company founded by Mairhofer Reinhart =>MARE
  • Acquisition of special tools for removal and insertion
  • Acquisition of 3 escort vehicles
  • Training as road supervisor
  • Purchase of further vehicles for transport escorts

2004 – 2011

  • Company transfer to Sabine Winkler
  • Expansion to six vehicles for transport escorts
  • Expansion and renewal of special tools
  • Relocation: from company headquarters in Wattens to new branch in Fritzens

2011 – 2015

  • Increase of the vehicle fleet to 9 vehicles - 7 of them are StAo and 2 in combination StAo and BF3
  • Expansion of office space -
  • garages and workshop
  • Increase of the office staff

2016 – 2017

  • Combined escort vehicles for Austria and Germany
  • Enlargement of the office staff
  • Distribution of Genius pedestrian protection tunnels by Winkler Manuel & Reinhart Mairhofer


  • Enlargement of the special tooling equipment and purchase of a new trailer for the inward and outward movements.
  • Enlargement of the vehicle fleet by a combined escort vehicle for Austria and Germany
  • Reorganization of the sole proprietorship into a limited liability company


  • 20th anniversary of the company


  • Handover of the company from the senior management to Manuel & Natascha Winkler.


  • Increase of the fleet to 10 vehicles - 5 of them are StAo and 5 combination StAo and BF3.
You can trust us

You can trust us!

MARE Schwerlastservice GmbH is your reliable partner when it comes to heavy transport. We not only accompany you, but also help you with the planning, including comprehensive approval service and extensive route elaboration. We are also happy to drive the route in advance, so that you can be really sure that the transport will go off without a hitch in accordance with road supervision and all regulations of the authorities.


Do you have any questions? No problem, contact us today. We are looking forward to cooperation!

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