Permit service for heavy, large & special transports

Carrying out a heavy transport, special transport or large-volume transport can be quite a challenging task even for a freight forwarding company. This already starts with the planning, because for special transports and heavy transports, whose dimensions exceed the defined dimensions as well as the total weight according to STVO, exceptions apply. The freight forwarder has to obtain special permits for this.

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The STVO defines the maximum permissible height as 4 meters, the width as 2.55 meters and the length as 15.5 to 16.5 meters. However, the specifications sometimes vary from country to country. In any case, an exemption must be requested if the maximum height is exceeded.


This means that you not only have to organize the logistics of the transport, but also obtain expert opinions, procure the necessary documents, apply for permits from the authorities - and also observe the necessary deadlines. As if planning such a journey were not challenge enough.

But don't worry: We take care of the complete approval service for your transport and make sure that everything really runs smoothly!

We take the load off your shoulders!

You are planning a large-volume transport or a heavy transport? We take care of applying for special permits, meeting deadlines, obtaining expert opinions and all the other formalities you need to be able to carry out your heavy, special or oversized transport without any problems.


In short, our permit service will take care of the entire process for you and provide you with all exemptions and special permits for heavy transport in a timely manner.


No matter whether the route is inland or abroad, we will obtain the permit for you!


We also always look for the best and fastest possible route, so that your transport really reaches its destination safely and on time. If prescribed, we will also gladly take over the route surveys for your forwarding company.

You have significantly less effort and can take care of the core tasks of your forwarding company. With regard to your special transport or heavy haulage, we provide you with a complete, clearly structured offer. All important key figures and facts at a glance! This saves you a lot of time.


Your trust is important to us. That is why we have our experts for each of your concerns, who are also your personal contact persons. Whether you have questions about the offer, the notices, applications or exception and permanent permits - you will be competently advised and cared for.

Unser Genehmigungsservice  – Ihre Vorteile

Our approval service

Your advantages

Obtain permission:
This is still to be considered for permits

The application or the granting of a permit in Austria, but also in other countries, can take some time. Due to different country- or federal state-specific factors, route-related challenges and transport-related requirements, such as the dimensions of the special transport, the application time or the period until the permit is issued may vary. Therefore, keep in mind to allow sufficient time for approvals in addition to transportation planning.


You do not have to worry about anything during the entire application period, from the application to the issuance of the permits - our specialists will take care of everything for you to your complete satisfaction.

Welche Genehmigungen gibt es in Österreich?

What permits are available in Austria?

Individual permits, permanent permits or multi-ride permits: We are often asked what types of permits there are specifically in Austria and to what extent they actually differ according to STVO. That is why we have summarized the most important points for you.

Trust our many years of experience and contact us today! We will quickly provide you with a suitable offer.

Individual approvals

Self-explanatory. We will be happy to advise you on the best possible route and current road works restrictions on freeways and trunk roads.

Permanent permits (with restrictions for Vienna)

Permanent permits are valid for a maximum of one year and for an unlimited number of journeys in the period applied for. Permanent extensions are possible in principle. According to the STVO, the following dimensions apply:

  • On freeways - length: 20.50 m for non-extendable trailers and 25.00 m for extendable trailers, width: 3.50 m, height: 4.30 m, max. 60 tons.
  • On federal roads - length: 20.50 m for non-extendable trailers and 25.00 m for extendable trailers, width: 3.50 m, height: 4.20 m, max. 60 tons.
  • 2-, 3- and 4-axle tractors can be used at will to the requested trailer.

For deviating routes outside the valid network, we can gladly apply for an additional permit for you.

20,50m for non-extendable trailers and 25m for extendable trailers

Multiple trip permits for certain routes

These permits are valid for up to three months. Advantage: You save the cost of multiple applications.

Permanent permits for self-propelled machines

These special permits can sometimes even be issued for several years, depending on the weight in the province of Tyrol.