Transport escorts for heavy load and special transports

In order for special and heavy transports to reach their destination unhindered, not only special permits are necessary, but also professional transport escorts. The drivers are even sworn in as road supervisors in accordance with §97 Para. 2 STVO from level 2 and are thus on an equal footing with the police. In special cases, even blue lights may be used.

A lot of responsibility, which one does not give lightly into strange hands, and which requires a large measure of confidence.

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It's unthinkable if something goes wrong during transport - the consequential damage, the costs, the problems with customers. We look back on 20 years of experience in special transport and heavy transport escort and promise you: With us your transport is in safe hands!

Which transport escort do I need?

In Austria, transport escorts are divided into four levels. In principle, the following applies: If the maximum permissible height, width and length are exceeded, an exceptional approval must be obtained from the authorities (see approval service). The notice from the competent provincial government subsequently reveals which type of escort is prescribed.

Transport escort

In four steps

The regulations are sometimes quite different in other countries. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Step I: Self-accompaniment

The transport escort is to be carried out by suitable, often company-internal personnel with a multi-track vehicle in front of or behind the transport. The driver must speak German, have local knowledge and be informed about the contents of the notice.


Step III: Accompaniment by 2 vehicles and 2 sworn road supervisors

The same as in Stage II, with the difference that the number of sworn road supervisors (Section 97 (2) of the STVO) and escort vehicles is now doubled.


Step II: Accompaniment by 1 vehicle and 1 sworn road supervisor.

The transport escort is to be carried out by a sworn organ of the road supervision (§97 Para. 2 of the STVO) with an appropriately equipped escort vehicle. The costs for the transport escort shall be borne by the permit holder.


Step IV: Accompaniment by 3 vehicles and min. 3 road supervisors as well as self-accompaniment

The number of appropriately equipped escort vehicles and sworn bodies (§97 Para. 2 of the STVO) of road supervision will be increased again. In addition, self-accompaniment must be carried out according to level 1. The driver must therefore speak German, have local knowledge and know the notice. Attention: Only the main person in charge is authorized here to use blue lights throughout.

Die Regelungen sind in anderen Ländern mitunter ganz unterschiedlich. Bei Fragen stehen wir selbstverständlich gerne zur Verfügung.


Stufe I: Eigenbegleitung

Die Transportbegleitung ist durch geeignetes, oft firmeninternes Personal mit einem mehrspurigen Gefährt vor bzw. hinter dem Transport durchzuführen. Der Lenker muss Deutsch sprechen, über Ortskenntnisse verfügen und über den Inhalt des Bescheides informiert sein.


Stufe II: Begleitung durch 1 Fahrzeug und 1 vereidigtes Straßenaufsichtsorgan

Die Transportbegleitung ist durch ein vereidigtes Organ der Straßenaufsicht (§97 Abs. 2 der STVO) mit einem entsprechend ausgerüsteten Begleitfahrzeug durchzuführen. Die Kosten für die Transportbegleitung trägt der Bewilligungsinhaber.


Stufe III: Begleitung durch 2 Fahrzeuge und 2 vereidigte Straßenaufsichtsorgane

Genauso wie in Stufe II, mit dem Unterschied, dass die Anzahl der vereidigten Straßenaufsichtsorgane (§97 Abs. 2 der STVO) und Begleitfahrzeuge nun verdoppelt wird.


Stufe IV: Begleitung durch 3 Fahrzeuge und min. 3 Straßenaufsichtsorgane sowie Eigenbegleitung

Die Anzahl der entsprechend ausgerüsteten Begleitfahrzeuge und der vereidigten Organe (§97 Abs. 2 der STVO) der Straßenaufsicht wird erneut erhöht. Zudem ist Eigenbegleitung gemäß Stufe 1 durchzuführen. Der Lenker muss also Deutsch sprechen, über Ortskenntnisse verfügen und den Bescheid kennen. Achtung: Nur der Hauptverantwortliche ist hier bemächtigt, durchgehend Blaulicht zu verwenden.

Our transport escorts -
Your advantages

We offer heavy transport escort from Vienna to Vorarlberg, from Salzburg to Tyrol, from Burgenland to Styria - across Austria. No matter whether it is level I, II, III or IV incl. the respective required organs of road supervision.

Does your route take you to Germany or from Germany to Austria? No problem, escorts according to BF3 (third generation escort vehicle with variable message signs to the rear) and BF4 (fourth generation with variable message signs to the rear, front and sides) are also possible.

During our 20 years of activity in the transport industry, we have been able to build up a widespread network of reliable partners throughout Europe. Means: We can assure you a safe and legally compliant escort in all European countries!

Our fleet is well equipped and consists of 12 vehicles, including 6 STAO for Austria, 5 combined vehicles for Austria and Germany, as well as one vehicle and two trailers especially for machinery and equipment transfers. There is also the right means of transport for your transport!

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You can trust us

You can trust us

MARE Schwerlastservice GmbH is your reliable partner when it comes to heavy transport. We not only accompany you, but also help you with the planning, including comprehensive approval service and extensive route elaboration. We are also happy to drive the route in advance, so that you can really be sure that the transport will go smoothly according to road supervision and all regulations of the authorities.


Do you still have questions? No problem, contact us today. We are looking forward to cooperation!

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